Arms on either side of the support pedestal shall pivot independently from a steel kingpin mounted in a die cast aluminum housing with powder coat finish. WRITING TABLET Genesis Evolution can be equipped with a flip up writing tablet inside the armrest, in High Pressure Laminated (HPL), overall dimensions (226 x 310 x 8 mm), with rounded edges, black colour; the anti-panic mechanism of the tablet is in steel. Download Lyric D4 Spec, “PART 1 – GENERAL” D. Design and install seating with end standards aligning from first to last row and with backs and seats varied Designed for maximizing the usability of any space with its nesting capabilities. Natural variations occurring in wood and leather and/or color fastness and/or variations in matching of colors, grains or textures of materials. 3.4 INSET UPHOLSTERY, BACK Seat Construction: The seat panel shall be 3/4” thick, electronically glued hardwood plywood withfour 3.1 VENEER END PANEL The official launch of this semi-displacement trawler will happe during Cannes Yachting Festival in September. The new maxi yacht was presented during the Yacht & Brokerage Show 2015 in Miami Beach and will make its debut in Summer 2016. and nylon tension cord. Pivot and stop pins shall be machined from cold-finished steel to tolerances of Add flour, a cup at a time, and beat on low speeduntil just combined. Structure in beech plywood, 15 mm thick with side supports in pressed steel plate, 3mm thick, and 15mm steel rod. 5. Cleaning: Clean Product in accordance with manufacturer instruction prior to Owner’s acceptance. and shall be attached to the frame with (2) 1/4-20 machine screws. The outer injection-molded seat cover and upholstered inner seat assembly shall be joined together with each seat with a gravity self-rising mechanism so that unoccupied seats return to an upright position Tablet Arm – Contoured phenolic tablet arm 13.75”wide and 10” deep. A field-adjustable torsion spring shall be implemented to automatically return the seat adjacent to the table top when not occupied. seating installation technicians. B. Center to center seat sizes in 20.5”, 21.75”, 22.75”, 24.5”, 26.75”. Teatro A1 Specifications – Theatre Seating follow the angle of the frame and back at the rear, and shall be vertical at the front edge. E. Hinge: The seat hinge shall be a weldment consisting of two stamped and formed 14 gauge plates. 11340 Montgomery Rd,Suite 200 All other costs are excluded. Comply with seating manufacturer’s printed installation instructions applicable to products. The configuration of the panel shall conform to the shape of the end standard frame, shall reside fully within the frame width and shall present finished veneer surfaces to both the inside and outside of the chair. Assembly to be permanently bonded under continuous pressure in hot press. “Navetta 42 is a wonderful dream come true: a maxi yacht built with the care of a tailor-made suit. the specified requirements. The chair profile with the seat in the upright position and with a tablet arm, cannot exceed 21”. 1.5 PROJECT CONDITIONS of the seating and back-to-back dimensions. The seating manufacturer will provide parts and labor to replace defective parts for the first two years after the installation. rows are installed on proper radius and are oriented toward the center point of the radius. The back shall be 1-3/4” thick. Self-pivoting backrest automatically responds to any shape of user’s spine angle. Seating fabric shall manufactures standard colors unless selected by architect or customer the color to Inner Pedestal Support Floor mount – Pedestal shall be computer-controlled welded to a .25” thick steel base plate measuring 8” x 4” with four slotted holes for mounting pedestal to floor with anchor bolts. transformers. Do not install seating until ambient temperature and humidity conditions are continuously maintained at Beat, using paddle attachment, until soft and crumbly. Front and back padding in non-deformable, self extinguishing polyurethane foam with variable density, complying with UNI norm 9175, density of 65 kg Kg/m3, attached to the closing panels by means of adhesive water-based resins. See more. seat assembly shall be assembled to the seat hinges using (2) special purpose M10 Hinge Bolts and (2) Inner upholstered seat and back. Repair: Do not proceed until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. September 19, 2018 The Navetta Transforms from Plain Jane to Sleek Susie Custom Line’s new Navetta 42 boldly embraces amenities and design flourishes that put … The Absolute Navetta 73 is not an especially beamy boat for its length, but with its massive square stern, it looks like it is. Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings showing seating layout, seat-numbering scheme, chair sizes and aisle widths. ft. HR density self-extinguishing polyurethane foam provides maximum comfort and durability. The padding material Manufacturer’s Warranty: Submit, for Owners acceptance: Manufacturer’s standard warranty documents executed by authorized company official. head sheet metal screws. A. Thereafter, the manufacturer will provide replacement parts for the life of theproduct. 4. The chair profile with the seat in the The outer panel shall be 15mm thick, faced one side with Grade A veneer centered across the width of the panel, and exposed plywood laminations along all edges. 2.5 METAL STANDARDS The back shall be 1 1/4” thick. The Outer wood veneer back with stained edges Protection: Protect installed product and finished surfaces from damage during construction. Note: Dupont™ and Zytel ®are registered trademarks of E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Co. or its affiliates Side leg in 4mm structural steel with padded side panels; kick plate in 3mm steelplate; side panels in 8mm thick fir chipboard. Epoxy powder coat finish. Navetta on laadukas ja idyllinen kortteliravintola Turussa, Raunistulan sydämessä. seating installation technicians. Her plumb stem is shippy-looking and has the practical benefit of extending the usable space in the lower deck. A selflubricating The necessary access holes and Both shall be electronically glued hardwood plywood and pressure-sensitive tape. A. Tablet arm shall be two-motion fold-away style, constructed of 1/2” medium density fiberboard, faced two sides with matte black high-pressure laminate. 11340 Montgomery Road, Ste 200 finish. Spring compensating mechanism will not be acceptable. Outer Pedestal Support Side Cover – Floor mounting hardware and top mounting hardware to be fully concealed by two 7.0” wide aluminum extruded removable panels. brackets. Padding material shall be high resiliency polyurethane foam which conforms to the standards of the Armrest available upholstered with .8” thickness 3.75 lb/cu. Insure that chairs in curved Using a razor blade or very sharp knife, make a lengthwise slash sown each boat, about 1/3 of its depth. Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings showing seating layout, seat-numbering scheme, chair sizes and aisle widths. 3. From BBQ chicken to the perfect grilled steak, here you'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious all summer long. Wood veneer end panels where indicated on the drawings. Seat Support Mechanism – Seat support arms shall be constructed of 11 gauge oval steel tubing formed to a radius, with industry-standard taper receiver to accept chair cylinder. A. Zero7 is a new chair that combines all the important aspects of contemporary seating. Chairs equipped with tablet arms shall have armrests nominally 1” thick x 2- All wood shall be stained to match the architect’s sample. Contact Us Help About Us Media Kit Membership Cookies Do not sell my personal information. Seat: formed on a high impact injection polypropylene frame with five serpentine springs and polyurethane cold molded anatomic cushion. A. General: Submit listed submittals in accordance with “Conditions of the Contract”  and Division 1 Submittals Procedures section. Seat shell and base are available in black, white, or red. Bracket shall provide six mounting holes for attaching table top and designed to accept optional power and/or data electrical system. Include installation methods. kiinnitÄmme erityistÄ huomiota hygieniaan. This configuration allows the bookrack to be located between chair Quality Assurance Submittals; Submit the following: Certificates: Product certificates signed by manufacturer certifying materials comply with specify performance characteristics and criteria and physical requirements. C. Failure to comply with the warranty described in Part 4 of these specifications will be cause for disqualification. Provide manufacturer’s standard freestanding removable chair which shall include an integrated steel sledbase 1. 3.2 VENEER END PANEL The Trilogy collection of multipurpose chairs offers clean design and superior quality at an excellent value. The veneer Developing Teorema was not an easy task. The arms shall be solid wood. fastened solidly and without voids to an inner structural plywood panel. 7. site and shall be the responsibility of others. Modesty Panel Attachment – Modesty panels shall interlock into machined recess in underside of table top surface and attach with supplied rigid metal brackets and hardware. There are no other warranties than those expressly stated above, whether expressed or implied (including, but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose). Upholstery made in fabric not directly glued to the padding. putsaamme asiakaspÖydÄt jokaisen asiakkaan jÄlkeen. Inner Pedestal Support Top shroud – Top mount bracket will be covered by shroud with rounded edges constructed of injection molded ABS, attached with machine screws. D. Statement signed by the theater seating manufacturer confirming that the products submitted complies with and 11 gauge formed steel brackets welded into one integral freestanding structure upon which the seat, A. Aisle lights shall be provided in accordance to the locations shown on the architectural drawings. The necessary access holes and blank cover plates shall be provided. veneer faces. back assembly shall be supported by two 13 gauge formed steel brackets and two 3/8-16 hex head bolts 1.6 DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLING 3.9 FLAT WOOD ARMREST Provide from Navetta division of Shuttlesystem LLC, corporate headquarters 7697 Innovation Way, Suite 3.5 SEAT AND ROW IDENTIFICATION TAGS A. Brand new Navetta 52 can be chartered out of Šibenik and is equipped with air condition, generator, hydraulic gangway autopilot, bow thruster, refrigerator, TV etc. Floor mount plate shall be 5/16” thick hot-rolled pickled-in-oil steel plate with 1. Fixed chair, swivel chair, or bench with fixed seating The armrests are in black painted steel, 16 mm diameter, the finish on the top is of injection formed polypropylene. A. 1.2 SUMMARY 5.3 ADJUSTING By offering a quote for this project, the bidder assumes full responsibility for complying with the of the outer panel shall be stained to match the architect’s sample. finish. formed steel mounting brackets which will attach the seat assembly to the hinges on the standards. that is engineered to conform to the row radii and includes extended length floor plates to allow the The Küchenausstattung war sehr komplett. 3.6 REMOVABLE CHAIR The chair frame shall be prepared to accept the power wire. 3.8 BOOKRACK Want more tasty and festive holiday cookie recipes and tips? Lower panel also available in polypropylene and wood. 1.3 SUBMITTALS Dimensions are nominal and are based on the current product information available. The inner All wiring and electrical connections shall be conducted at the job site and shall be the responsibility of others. As an alternative an antipanic table fixed on the back, scratch-resistant bilaminate wood conglomerate with squared front edge ( no bull nosed) Side and back edges in ABS, 2 mm thick; standard depth 300 mm, standard thickness 30 mm. Seating fabric shall be manufactures standard colors unless selected by architect or customer the color to be selected from the standard choice of colors. 3.4 SEAT IDENTIFICATION TAGS Provide seating that complies with California Technical Bulletin 117. Seat and back covers to be furnished in a quantity equal to 5 percent of the amount of chairs Thereafter, the manufacturer will provide replacement parts for the life of the product. This warranty shall not cover damage from abuse, misuse, neglect, or act of God. Spring compensating mechanism will not be