When you reach the Google Account Verification screen, press the Back option to get back to the Wireless Network selection screen. This leaves you no other option but to clog up Goog;les space with redundant email accounts that have no use. I like some of the others here,dropped my old phone to many times and it wouldn’t come back on this time,so i got a new phone and tried to transfer only to get two different messages,when i first tried it said the user name was already being used,the next around the 29th i started getting a message saying that they couldn’t verify that the account belonged to me. I have been trying for 3 years now to get into my google account. Given below is How To: same issuw with me,please help us guys!thank in advance.. Someone has stolen my google account..Help Step 1 You should go to Google Account Help and click on Follow the steps to recover your account. Click Restore and choose the new Google user account you created for the data to land. Privacy Terms Help About I DON’T KNOW IF MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED OR WHAT AND HELP SUPPORT IS OF NO HELP. I went to the account recovery link and did everything, but when it asked for an email so they could contact me later I pit my new one, since I can’t access my old one. I’ve been locked out of my account or it has been h a c k ed no password that I have now or before works and none of the codes that I get from Google either because I now have another device nothing has worked so far how do I get back into my account? What is the way to get a voice OTP for password reset. Go to Google's Password Recovery page, and select I don't know my password. This is where you recover Gmail passwords. Google® Account Recovery, Finden Sie heraus, wie Sie Ihr Gmail® Passwort wiederherstellen. If you have multiple accounts that need recovery, you must use one form for each account. Starting the password recovery process is quite easy: just click the "forgot password" link on your Gmail sign-in page. Technology Blog, Online Tips, Android Apps, Tutorials, Reviews. Click Next. © 2020 Spanning Cloud Apps, LLC. I need my gmail back bad. They sent me the code and I put it in correctly, but then it popped up and said that they couldn’t verify that the old account was mine. I can’t get into mine and google is no help! IT DOESN’T WORK THEREFORE I CANNOT RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES THERE,HOWEVER I DO HAVE A NEW NUMBER LISTED ON THAT ACCOUNT THAT I USED UNTIL MY OTHER PHONE WAS DAMAGED AND NO LONER ABLE TO FUNCTION. Enter the email address or phone number you use to sign in to Google. Under Restore, go to the Gmail tab and choose all of the messages under All Mail to be restored into the new Google account. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments You may also be able to enter any current email address to receive a verification code. How can you get your Google account up and running online again, just as it was before with all the data intact? Spanning Cloud Apps, a Kaseya company, is the leading provider of backup and recovery for SaaS applications, protecting more than 10,000 organizations from data loss due to user error, malicious activity and more. I go all the way through recovery to a code by email, different account. I forgot my password. I am not able to sign in on my phone due to I forgot my password. Verify your number with the codes received on your number. But, I know my username and password. Unless you really need this feature given below, don’t enable this because sometimes this may result in lockdown of your account if not done properly. Or the worst case i.e. There should be another way to recover your account and password! Select your country. Using the suggestive gmail recovery tool, you can easily recover your gmail account in unfortunate cases and troubles. I of course by now have a different number, so the whole text message code ordeal is out of qs eestion. Bottom Line. Report an issue. Tips to complete account recovery steps. To do this, log into Spanning Backup as the super-admin and navigate into the user account that has been deleted. Keep reading our blog for more security tips and online safety. Enter your email address, and click Continue: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process. There is also a smartphone application called Google Authenticator for this security feature. i dont know my password and cant use form good enough to get it unloked i got id and phone if you can change number on account, I can’t get into my old gmail account I can’t even use my recovery email or the phone number that’s on my account I don’t have that number anymore and someone else change my recovery email password to plus help me, Hi, I’ve done all the steps and everything i could, i look at YouTube and every other big cites and could not find what i need, mine problem is my account has been stolen by someone and they change my recovery email and the phone number as well, please help me if you can, Thank You, My son forgot his password for his email. Someone has stole my phone right after i changed my password and i cant for the life of me remember what i could have changed it to. To ease gmail account recovery, the gmail team has made a useful interactive troubleshooting guide which on the basis of your gmail sign in problem type, takes you to the right approach to your gmail account recovery. Review your security questions at the bottom, check and memorize the answers or edit them if required. These security questions are asked when you try to recover your gmail in unfortunate cases. Continue to sign in. I had to reset my phone BC it was shutting off and on and now I got to redo my Google account but it won’t let me sign in, My google account password was changed,but not by me,I had two step verification bot that failed also,because they also changed my Yahoo password,then to top it off my phone was disconnected,therefore I couldn’t access 2 step verification.I have managed to find files pertaining my email thus verifying my identity,since I can’t sneer the recovery questions to their satisfaction I cannot get into my g mail account. Gmail credentials integrates and bases on Google Account. Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. : means that Spanning helps restore your data to its full and original state, including document directory structure, nested folders, site structure, sharing and permissions settings, and more. O ccasionally Google Gmail user may want to reset the password which used to login into the Gmail account via web, POP3 and IMAP as the original password has been forgotten, or misplaced. It keeps saying they can’t verify its my account. If you deleted your Gmail account, you might be able to get it back. ,they need to change those stupid questions,I don’t email.they could at least give you the opinion to choose what programs you use on google.If given the chance to speak on my behalf ,I could bring my files in proving my identity.But this is what I concerned about they are hacking my network connection,so it does no good to change the password,They use fake window pages error code shut down my internet connection I have an 189 page print out of events and UP address going in and out of my computer.Well enough said if you know of anyone I can trust to give my proof to please email me .But I will only give them in person I don’t sending them on line. me. be more specific about how you tried to recover.. Dear Saurabh, Science then I can’t get into my gmail account. Ask questions and get advice on Google Account features and settings. I forgot my password and I am not recieving the OTP message. I KEEP GETTING A MESSAGE THAT MY YAHOO EMAIL AS WELL IS UNAVAILABLE AND I’M CURRENTLY USING IT NOW WHICH IS HOW I’M ABLE TO RECEIVE PASS CODES TO CHANGE MY PASSWORDS,WHICH IS WHAT IVE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 2 WEEKS. i forgot my password and i cant remember my frequent flyer number nor the date i opened the account. Most likely when i can replace the phone I will most likely have to get a new phone number. Go through the device reset process. Required fields are marked *. The following features translate these features into real product benefits: To learn why Spanning Backup is known for providing the easiest data recovery in the industry, watch a short demo. These were the preventive measures to make yourself safe from gmail account hacking. This has been going on for 4 days. Enter your account name and key. However, if you are unable to do this job (for instance, there is no Google backup file, or you totally forget your Google account), you are still able to do this job with a piece of third-party software - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android. I can’t fully my emails and I have lost all my contacts. STEP 3 Enter a few random letters on to the network name.. Follow safe practices when you sign in gmail. i cant get in my gmail someone has changed all my info an i cant get in it for nothing it haS ALL MY babies pics an family pics my grandmas funeral pics that is not replaceable pls help me. Please resolve the issues, to provide the Gmail service I expect. Having access to a proper recovery email (provided you don’t forget access to that one either) is the simplest way to regain access to your Google account in any loss situation. My lap top keeps putting a V in my address and will only take the Y in a Capital letter. i didnt want to create a new account, i am up in age dont need all this difference account.Is it easy to get the password to the old account. In order to change your password, you need to be signed in. the account I am trying to recover is johnz******2gmail.com Note : Don’t forget to add this account to the SysCloud application before you try cross-user restoration. OK so my account was hi jacked. Gmail Account Recovery Go to Google's Account Recovery page, enter your account information, and click Next: If you've previously linked a phone number to your account, you can use it to retrieve a verification code by SMS. It took the new Email address but it wants my previously synced google acct. Very pissed off. As we know that most Android smartphone need Google Account to make it work with full features. Using the suggestive gmail recovery tool, you can easily recover your gmail account in unfortunate cases and troubles. They have been removed by google, possibly because they have been hacked into but am not aware of this. Share feedback. Install it. We are going to discuss how to use Google Account Recovery to reset your password of your Google Account that is mentioned below: – Recover a forgotten your Google Account Password [Gmail Account Recovery] There are various methods to recover your Google Account Password that follows as: – Method 1: – By using enter last password. Then link your account with it and select the criteria of code generation method i.e. In your Google Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, security options, and privacy preferences to make Google work better for you. Can the same people you have shared it with still access the information? Otherwise proceed with the gmail recovery tool. I have a new phone and keep having trouble resetting the phone I made a new gmail acct. The official method leads us straight to the Google Account Recovery Page. I recently got a new tablet and a new Gmail account, but I would still like to recover my old Gmail account. In case you don’t have access to your recovery email, phone, or other option you may still be able to … You cannot even send the reset code to another phone. Month. This recovery email will make sure that Google is able to contact you if there is some issue with the security of your account or if there is any type of strange … All Rights Reserved. Click Restore and choose the new Google user account you created for the data to land. Being a dumbass, I factory reset my phone. Google sucks! If you lost your password in future, your password will be sent as sms to this phone number which you enter here. TO verify it, gmail will send you a code as sms onto your mobile number. Does it look the same as it was before? : lets users easily find and select emails to be restored by date, label, sender, and subject line. Because I don’t have the correct account information. After deleting a Gmail account, you only have a maximum of two business days to recover the account. I have forgotten my pass word and can not access Google for games and to make my phonebook I can’t even put a phone number in my phone new phone please help me. THis needs to be changed. THANK YOU. and what ever iI try it keeps telling me the same thing.My phone is stuck at this and will not let me use it.I must of hit a wrong key on the 1st Set up and I am stuckand can go no futher, please help me. Having trouble with my account telling me wrong username n password.. Cant get into my exiting gmail. You’ll have to enter the same on the page there.