Gender Type of Hero Metro Man | Free shipping . This crossword clue Viper voice in ''Kung Fu Panda'' was discovered last seen in the March 20 2020 at the NewsDay Crossword. Do-Gooder Full Name They eventually encountered Tai Lung on the Thread of Hope and participated in a fierce battle against him, only for him to end up defeating and paralyzing all except Crane. Cooper | While in this new world he will make new friends, make enemies, learn to love and hate kung fu, and more importantly, have what he always wanted but never had back on earth. So far, Viper has appeared mainly as a background character for most of the show. Stefano | Phil Betterman | The six of them purposely got themselves captured so that they can gain access to Shen's tower, Viper freed the other members by lock picking cuffs binding them, and the six of them headed into Shen's throne room to attack and destroy Shen's cannon, while this succeed, Po failed to capture or defeat Shen when his opportunity was foiled after the peacock escaped, the Five scolded him in the jail afterwards and despite pleading to the Five about the failure, Po was defeated by Tigress, to which Viper told them to stay down as a means to stay safe rather than as an act of punishment. Soon afterwards, Po and the Five are tasked to travel to Gongmen City after learning of a new threat towards the valley, a power-hungry peacock named Shen. Paulie | —Viper reflecting on her family's holiday traditions. Later on, Viper was surprised to find out that Po was actually a skilled chef after tasting the noodles he made, she even laughed while Po impersonated Shifu, only for him to enter in the middle of the act and announce Oogway's death and Tai Lung's escape from prison, which all of the Furious Five and Po were shocked to learn. Noticing Po's tenacity and gaining some respect for him, Viper silenced Mantis with a hiss when he commented on Po's "bouncing" down the stairs. In the tv series, while their relationship is not greatly explored she does get along with Po. Once everything had been sorted out, Viper, along with her friends, praised him as the "Dragon Chef". Their training was cut short, however, when Master Oogway had a troubling vision: Tai Lung would return to the Valley of Peace. Viper and the Five discovering Po's victory. Princess Poppy | The Five witnessed the shockwave and returned to the valley to find that Po was victorious in defeating Tai Lung, Viper and the Five then bowed in front of the Dragon Warrior in respect, followed by the villagers in return. This version was released on Blu-ray in 2011 to coincide with the home video release of Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011). While her teammates were too afraid to stop Tigress from fighting with the panda, Viper tried to plead with her and warned Po to stay down when he was beaten. Roddy St. James | AAARRRGGHH!!! Kung Fu Panda Heroes | Charlie | Guy | Soothsayer | Kowalski | Alan Abernathy | Kung Fu Panda Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Snotlout Jorgenson | Belt | Kung Fu Panda - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,021 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 4 - Published: 11/27/2008 - Crane, Viper - Complete. Viper was tasked with gathering the southern farmers, to which she did so before moving out with the others. She's probably the most caring and nicest of the Furious Five, but knows when to get into the Kung Fu business. Animated Features Queen Angella | Lou | When the group hid inside a Chinese dragon costume and witnessed the wolves' brutal treatment of the city's residents, Viper's face was shown to be openly horrified. Wallace | Castaspella | Viper has also used a move called "Puppet of Death". He knows what happened! Two lotus flower clips on her head; three white beads on her tail Eventually however, her father was eventually attacked by an unnamed gorilla bandit who seemed to have the upper advantage over him. Stella | In the first film, she and the rest of the Five were often met with stern demands and criticisms by the master, such as his pointing out to Viper about her failure with "subtlety". Miraculously, Po intervened when it seemed all hope was lost and freed the Five, in an attempt to get to Shen, Viper used a technique called "Puppet of Death" during a battle against Shen's wolves to manipulate and unconscious wolf. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (also referred to simply as Kung Fu Panda) is an American computer-animated television comedy series spun off from the Kung Fu Panda films.It takes place after the first film, showing Po's training to becoming a successful Dragon Warrior, where the second film is, according to the series' developer Peter Hastings, "not unlike a very long, super-deluxe 3 … Erica Wang | A long battle ensues, each of the Five using their combined prowess to fight the snow leopard. Her ability to contort into any shape makes her nearly impossible to hit. Given that his venom was deadly enough to fell f… Bucky, Spike and Quillo | Branch | When the group, hidden inside a Chinese dragon costume, witness the wolves' brutal treatment of the peasants Delta Dawn | Lucy Liu (Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness) … Storming Ox | She and the others then watch as Po returns as Master of Chi and bearing another gift from Oogway, the Yin-Yang staff. It is an animated film franchise. A meaningful life. Po Ping (born Lotus Shan) is the main protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise.He is one of Master Shifu's students, Mr. Ping's adoptive son, Li Shan's biological son, and the Dragon Warrior. Ruffnut Thorston | [3], Viper has displayed an ability to swallow large objects, akin to the abilities of her species.[7]. In the end, the Viper and the Five were once again victorious. Kung Fu Panda: Art of BalanceKung Fu Panda: Kung Fu CrewKung Fu Panda: It's Elemental and Other StoriesAdd in! master. Monkey arrived to save her, after which they all attacked together, sending Tai Lung to a great fall. Tip Tucci | Madagascar Heroes | Meanwhile, Tai Lung arrived at the Jade Temple and battled against Shift and defeated him, only for Po to join in, despite the fact Tai Lung had the upper hand, Po eventually used his weight as a means to counter him later on, eventually incapacitating Tai Lung and finally defeating him with the surprised usage of the Wushi finger hold by proclaiming "skadoosh", causing a shockwave of gold dust to erupt from the valley (and presumably killing Tai Lung). Viper's first appearance in the film is when Shifu announces his retirement as a kung fu teacher and hands over responsibilities to Po. Spirit Jr. | Ginger | However, Po unwittingly foiled the plan when he was spotted fighting with Shen inside the building. During the tournament, Oogway suddenly sensed the presence of the Dragon Warrior. Viper was born as the beloved daughter of Great Master Viper, protector of the village where he relied on his venomous fangs to defeat his enemies. The Art of Kung Fu Panda; The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2; The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3; The Tao of Po; Kung Fu Panda #1; Tales of the Dragon Warrior #1; Art of Balance; Kung Fu Panda (manga) >> more...- … Along with the other four members of the same group she is a master of the Kung Fu martial art, restricted mainly in the snake style. However, Shifu did entrust her and the others to evacuate the Valley of Peace, saying he was proud of them, and has since become less harsh with the Five. RJ | Corporal | Team Voltron (Shiro, Keith, Lance, Pidge, Allura & Hunk) | The Five each told about their grieving experience and defeat, which placed doubt into Po when he realized that not even his idols, five kung fu masters, could stop Tai Lung. When Kai later attacks the Jade Palace, Viper is forced to face Crane and Mantis, who have been turned into Jade Zombies by the yak. Sanderson Mansnoozie | Viper is more or less the "mother hen" of the group. Grug Crood | Vipers move only slightly to avoid attacks, which miss by inches. each figure is around 2 inches tall. She also laughed along with the others (excluding Tigress) when Po did an impression of Master Shifu. While the others cheer him on, Viper cringed in terror and actually fainted when Po succeeds in his stunt. The Art of Kung Fu Panda; The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2; The Art of Kung Fu Panda 3; The Tao of Po; Kung Fu Panda #1; Tales of the Dragon Warrior #1; Art of Balance; Kung Fu Panda (manga) >> more...- … The first Kung Fu Panda film premiered in 2008, and since then two films have followed. Spinnerella | Shifu and Po had just finished another day's worth of extensive training when they finally returned, Crane exhausted and the others paralyzed. [Best Scene]-Kung Fu Panda. Occupation Later on, after Tigress tags Po and wins, Viper and the others return as Po asks the group if they'd like to participate in another game. Believing nothing else could be done, Shifu offered to stay behind to hold back Tai Lung while his students and the rest of the Valley escaped. That night, after Po humiliated himself in front of the Five, they began gossiping over his lack of ability in the art of kung fu. TigressX OC, ViperXOC rated M for violence,lemons,swearing I DONT OWN KUNG FU PANDA Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Tigress, Viper - Chapters: 8 - Words: 68,370 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 37 - Updated: 1/16/2012 - Published: 12/9/2011 - Status: Complete - id: 7622808 She in turn cares for Po a great deal but tends to get exasperated at his ability to get distracted and can get annoyed with him, especially when he makes an annoying remark as shown by his remark that there were no women at the Jade Palace in "Ladies of the Shade" showing he didn't consider Tigress or her ladies, when he said how women were annoying in Love Stings she slapped him after giving him advice on how to deal with his father's new girlfriend, and in Serpent's Tooth where she threw him in the air after the number of unintentionally insensitive remarks about snakes he made. Dronkeys | Great Master Viper (father)Viper's motherUnnamed sisters[3] Tiger | She was shocked with all the others upon hearing Shifu's announcement of Oogway's passing and Tai Lung's breakout. We think LIU is the possible answer on this clue. Viper and her comrades quickly gathered in a line for the choosing. Penny | She asked if he was ready, and Po barely had time to confirm before she flung him into the air and slammed him down again, apologizing immediately afterwards, saying that she thought that Po was ready, only to be told by Po that the hit was "awesome". When first meeting Po after he made an unexpecting entrance to see the Furious Five compete to see which one is to become the chosen one, she was astonished that Oogway had chosen him, but was skeptical of the panda's abilities as the Dragon Warrior. She appeared at the start in Po's dream, facing a group of bandits alongside the other members of her team. Viper and rest of the Furious Five helped out at the noodle restaurant for a day as Mr. Ping was suffering from the "goose flu". They went back to Gongmen Jail to hide, where they confronted Po about his failure to capture Shen. The Kung Fu Panda franchise primarily tells the story of a character, Po, whose destiny is to become a kung fu hero. Disclaimer: I don't own any Kung Fu Panda Characters. In defiance of the villainous stereotype of snakes, Master Viper is the most charming, kind, compassionate, and sweetest of the Five, as demonstrated with her quickly developing empathy for Po as his indomitable tenacity became obvious. Grace Wain | [His stomach belches and the Furious Five stare at him; embarrassed]That was my... fist. Conrad | During the battle, Viper used a technique called "Puppet of Death", in which she used her snaky body to control the arms of an unconscious wolf while Tigress carried her. Viper and the rest of the Five as they appear in the Chinese trailer. Goals This is shown when several of Shen's wolves fire arrows at the Five and she coils around each of them, and also manages to avoid and counter a wolf's attempt to hit her with a mace. Shifu, Viper, and the other Five watched as Po opened the scroll, and Viper appeared just as confused as everyone when he said it was blank. Toothless | Mort | Stormfly | Kung Fu Panda Bean Bag Plush Master Viper Inspire a love of reading with Prime Book Box for Kids Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months — new customers receive 15% off your first box. Kung Fu Panda Bean Bag Plush Master Viper. However, Shifu still believed he could defeat him if Po was given the Dragon Scroll, and they all went to the Hall of Warriors in the Jade Palace to retrieve it for Po. Dawn Betterman | Kolivan | But when the master himself showed up in the middle of Po's impression, Viper immediately stopped laughing. King Peppy | When Viper was born, Great Master Viper was relieved to finally have a child to continue his legacy as a warrior, but was taken aback to see Viper was born without venomous fangs, believing she could not become a warrior without them. Bullwinkle J. Moose | ... Viper must have had similar thoughts, because she had came to her room a few minutes later, and wanted to ask her something. Bumpy, See Also The three eventually started up a conversation, commenting on Shifu's harsh way of treating Po, with Viper trying to assure him with a smile after the panda commented on the possibility that Shifu was trying to get rid of him. The content below could use some extra attention. King Harold | Dozer | Captain Underpants | Order and Chaos.These are the foundation of life. Spirit | The Five travel to destroy an arsenal of Shen's cannons located in a foundry, but there planned is caught red-handed after Po is spotted battling Shen, his Wolves then attack and capture the Five, seeming as though Viper and the Five had lost. Kenji Kon | Sinbad | Ginormica | Wrong Hordak | Jamie Bennett | You can help by. Bridget | In Kung Fu Panda 2, Viper is shown to be the most transparent in her feelings and the most openly compassionate. Viper is the character who serves as Kung Fu Panda’s representation of Snake Style. Shifu | Catra | With the bandit defeated, the weak Great Master Viper shared a fangless, genuine smile with his daughter, both of them overjoyed with her victory. Kung Fu Panda - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,022 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 3 - Published: 5/25/2009 - Viper, Crane - Complete Crane's Secret Love Song by Animation Universe 2005 reviews Po's training began, with Viper being the first to spar with him. Turbo | Doris the Ugly Stepsister | Gorgonites (Ocula, Punch-It & Scratch-It, Insaniac, Slamfist & Troglokhan) | Viper even began to mock him as his armor, which had thwarted her father, proved no obstacle to her. Megamind | Fowler | Series Moxie Swaggerman | 2008 McDonald's Kung Fu Panda Master Monkey 4" Tall Toy Action Figure Happy Meal. RARE Kung Fu Panda Master Viper Snake Figure 7” Long, 2008 McDonalds Bends. The fourth film in the series has fans excited. After days of traveling, Viper and the others finally located Tai Lung on the Thread of Hope. Burnish | Viper was first seen training with Master Shifu with the rest of the Furious Five, where Shifu told her to improve on her "subtlety". $14.98. Sally | —While sparring in the training courtyard, Early Viper concept art by Olivier Malric and Bill Kaufman, Early concept illustrations by Nicolas Marlet, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Clip The Furious Five, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Clip Po won't quit, Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Clip Secret ingredient soup, Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) - Clip Chinese Dragon, Kung Fu Panda "Fluttering Finger Mindslip Memory Loss", Viper and the others losing their memories in. In Kung Fu Panda, when Po mentions how all of the Five possess a unique and useful quality but him, he says "venom" in referral to Viper. Aja Tarron | On the way to Gongmen City, she and her teammates overheard Po telling Tigress about his issues with his father, and she showed the most sympathy toward him. Sierra | Viper's battle weakness is frontal attacks. Boss Baby | Arthur Pendragon | Set in an anthropomorphic animal version of Chinese legend, the story follows Po, the (obviously adopted) son of a … Swift Wind | I meant that if I were doing Kung Fu Panda comics, they would be alternate adaptations to episodes of the Legends of Awesomeness series with a few original stories that even give Viper a little more focus Barry B. Benson | Miriam | But when it seemed like they had won, Tai Lung reappeared again and performed a nerve attack on four of the Five (Viper included) — only sparing Crane so he would be able to carry the rest of them back to the palace in means of a message. E. Aster Bunnymund | Viper eventually grew to become a kung fu master and formed the Furious Five under leadership of Master Shifu and Oogway. Viper and the others shared a final respectful bow to their master, knowing it could be their last, as he could well lose his life to Tai Lung. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Lucy Liu as Viper. For designing Viper, character artist Nicolas Marlet used Chinese poetry for the markings on Viper's skin. Viper is a green tree snake who is a member of the Furious Five and the tetartagonist in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Z 4195 | It is about the quest of a giant panda named Po to become the Dragon Warrior. Viper was the most difficult character to animate. Tzipporah | Where I came from! And when Po emerged out of the water, Viper then jumps to hug Po, along with Mantis and Monkey. But what happen when people want to control these foundation? Croc | Colonel Cutter | Like the rest of them, however, she also didn't believe he was the true Dragon Warrior and actually behaved sarcastic towards Po in their first training match including her surprise attack and briefly checked Shifu's reaction, but became impressed by Po's struggling determination in his training, and later in his sense of humor and great cooking skills, and like most of the other Five, she took a liking to him. 1. With Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Will Shadley, Eamon Pirruccello. In Kung Fu Panda, Shifu, the red panda, has seven students who each practice a different style of Kung Fu … Viper fighting the gorilla bandit with her dancing ribbon. Yi | Kung Fu Panda Featurette - Viper (2008) A featurette that takes a special behind the scenes look at the character Viper (voice by Lucy Liu) whose fighting style is flexible, explosive, and fluid. Though Viper laughed with the others, she was the only one who did not mock the panda, instead worrying how "the poor guy is just going to get himself killed." However, Po let Shen escape and they were all forced to flee the Tower when the peacock had the building destroyed. To make her father smile, Viper took up ribbon dancing, blossoming into a very graceful dancer, though this only seemed to mildly please the old snake. Entrapta | It takes a cool head and warm heart to stand by conflicts. Two lotus flower clips on her head; three white beads on her tail. Tag still attached. Coran | This made the old master unhappy, and as Viper grew, she strove to please her father and make him smile with her ribbon dancing, and though this made him smile somewhat, it did not ease his discontent. Viper did not appear again after Po's dream ended. Darius Bowman | Sea Hawk | Partly because of this, she is undoubtedly my favorite character within the Kung Fu Panda franchise. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 3 letters. Kung fu master Upon their encounter, the gorilla bandit mocked Viper for her small size and the fact that she carried a dancing ribbon. However, as Oogway observed, "there are no accidents"-the new team of five proved to be just what was needed to defeat the villain Boar; an impressed Shifu then welcomed all five as his students and set about developing their unique talents. When all the tasks had been completed, Viper later sat at the table with all the other kung fu masters for the palace Winter Feast. Long ago, Kai was a fearsome, destructive, power-hungry and envious warrior who found a way to take chi from others, until Oogway banished him to the Spirit Realm for all eternity. Neither she nor the others noticed Po had been listening in on them. Sarmoti | A set of 4 Kung Fu Panda plush toys: Po, Master Viper, Master Tigress and Tai Lung. In the DreamWorks' movie Kung Fu Panda, along with its sequels and a TV spin-off, the character Viper, played by Lucy Liu, is a snake who, despite her lack of limbs, practices a stylized form of Snake Kung Fu. [9] She also demonstrates a great deal of dislike for displays of cruelty or injustice. The Great Master hoped that she would carry on his legacy once she was born, however, she was born without fangs, and ceased to develop them as she grew older, much to the dismay of her father. Biggie | This turns out to be very bad for the Five, who sustain numerous injuries thanks to a combination of Po's horrible teaching and the newly upgraded Training Hall; Viper is struck by Crane whilst navigating the Seven Talon Rings and is left wrapped around one of the wooden croc training dummies, though she still manages to gasp out words of encouragement to Po. Voiced by Po : The peacock was there the last time I saw my parents! The Kung Fu Panda franchise consists ofthree feature films: Kung Fu Panda (2008), Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016). Viper telling Mantis that it's Po having problems, not him. Occupation It is assumed that she, like her husband, became more confident in Viper after she defeated the bandit and rescued her father. Lady Tottington | Draal the Deadly | Mr. Peabody | Gran | Viper is the "mother hen" of the group. It is an animated action-comedy film series, involving martial arts, Kung Fu. Insectosaurus | Oscar | They will lend the voice for Po, Monkey, Tigress, Viper, Li Shan, Shifu and Free shipping . Trollzart | She is the unequivocally the kindest member of the Furious Five, and she is the first at the Jade Palace to sympathize with Po after he arrives. Viper Style is a kung fu fighting style that is used notably by Viper. Queen Lillian | Viktor Navorski | To defeat Tai Lung (1st film; partially succeeded)To help save Gongmen City from Lord Shen (2nd film; succeeded)To help Po defeat Kai before he steals the Chi of all Kung Fu Masters (3rd film; failed; then succeeded) Viper and her friends were first seen in the Training Hall, staring in awe at Po as he performed the feat of stuffing as many bean buns in his mouth as he can fit. But in Secrets of the Furious Five, it was revealed that she was never even born with fangs to inject any such venom.It now seems Viper has grown a pair of small, blunt fang… Hookfang | Ezor | Author's Note: If you haven't seen the episode Serpent's Pass this story may confuse you. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III | Ulaz | Hunter | While originally only a 2D release during its 2008 theatrical run, Dreamworks Animation later produced a 3D version. Viper and Mantis treating Po with acupuncture. Female Jurassic Park Heroes | Douglas | Meatlug | However they soon learned that kung fu was not the best tool for running a restaurant, and when things got out of hand, Mr. Ping made a return and impressed them all with his expert handling of the customers. She and the others stopped training momentarily to watch Po spar with the Adversary. However, the trio and Mantis were rejected by Shifu, who had sent Tigress to find four trained Kung fu masters, something she had failed to do because of the accident. Jack Frost | John H. Miller | Member of the Furious Five Shen's Parents | Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Kung Fu Panda: It's Elemental and Other Stories, - "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Characters: Viper",, There is content missing from this section. In Secrets of the Scroll she is shown to be a very powerful swimmer. Classified | She uses her lightning-fast reflexes to avoid blows before she counterstrikes – then, by wrapping her body around opponents' limbs, uses the opponents' energy to counter strike with deadly efficiency.[8]. Po | She also tries to break up a fight between Tigress and Po, even trying to tell Po to stay down after being knocked down by Tigress. That night, while traveling up to the student barracks, the Five mocked Po over his lack of ability to do kung fu. Marina | Vitaly | Viper's first appearance in the film is when Shifu announces his retirement as a kung fu teacher and hands over responsibilities to Po. Po (Kung Fu Panda) Mantis (Kung Fu Panda) Viper (Kung Fu Panda) Monkey (Kung Fu Panda) Shifu (Kung Fu Panda) Mr. Ping (Kung Fu Panda) Original Characters Blood and Injury but not too much as per usual I would not do