Great prices and good service. :). Very good!!!!! I had this delivered to me in Abu Dhabi and it came on time and in good condition. Prodotti Miscota. Had to order some more food from another source with next day delivery as we were running out of food. My 2 cats absolutely loved this food.They are overweight and their Vet asked I change their diet. They are the best ! Excellent all round. I have had lots of cats and dogs over the years and have used Royal Canon for the last 15 years. “Ferplast: a story built on commitment, ideas, innovative design and evolution. Health Nutrition does result in an in-depth knowledge of the animal, enriched by the expertise of breeders and professionals, as well as by numerous works in partnership with scientists. Great Price, Customer Service & notification of ordered items progress great, but the delivery was slow and didn't arrive by specified time given. -No need to track down stray balls around the house. This site uses our own and third pary owned cookies, in order to give you a personalized service. Enter your email address and we'll send you a new password. Great service and great product, would and have recommended to friends and family with pets. Pelo lucido, feci ottime e soprattutto cane forte. My favourite cleaning product. Can't be beaten on service, price and packaging. The local police force feed all their dogs on it. Royal Canin is a super product, the only dry food I buy for my Min Pin. Miscota are our supplier of choice with such great deals. My 7yr old rescue dog had trouble with digestion and constipation after many visits to the vets the problem had not been resolved. Choose some other method if you are. This food seems to be helping him slowly put weight back on while still being able to exercise him so very pleasedvwith this food. Royal Canin very dependable product. This dog's food is really good quality . I hadn't used Miscota before but will definitely use again. Started using digestive comfort as one of my cats has a very sensitive stomach, now my clowder of cats (6), yes i know I'm mad, won't eat anything else and to be honest i wouldn't want them to as this really has improved their health and well being. This philosophy intends to ensure that consumers can also receive advice in the store where they purchased their JBL products. This site uses our own and third pary owned cookies, in order to give you a personalized service. I wish I could feed them with this food all the time. Published by Paulina Markiewicz-Anwar on 07/07/2018. His eyes are bright and shiny too. It would be better to say our service is slow but prices good so at least you can plan better! Royal Canin product great as usual. Después de varios años de experiencia en el sector, Miscota lanza dos nuevas gamas de productos para perros.Una nueva gama de Snacks y otra de Camas y Colchones para el descanso de nuestras mascotas.. Productos de calidad a un precio increíble; Pensados para dar el mayor bienestar a tu perro; Recetas deliciosas para hacer feliz a tu perro however, i was very impressed by the service. Brilliant price fantastic posting and packaging and delivery time. Miaow. Bought at a very good price, will buy again. Best for Rottweiler Order from Miscola as this was a lot cheaper than the Vet. From 8 very happy pussycats to 1 very happy cat owner. These answers rely on two clear and complementary sources: Observation and Science. No regurgitation and less loose stools . Also maybe make it a little easier for people to get in touch to find out what's going on with the order. We where getting concerned with him having pancreatitis and losing nearly 7kg over the past 10months. It really helps my dog to feel better. I would prefer a more accurate delivery date, given the 3/7/2015 as arrival date but didn't turn up until 10 days later. Order issues. Our favourtie adult food for our beloved labrador retriever. Great Price and great service parcel tracking was very useful. They never seem to get tired of it and it helps keep their teeth in wonderful condition. The food for my dog is excellent and the price is good as well , only down side was the delivery date which tuck a round 7 days longer then the delivery date shown with my order, so i had to get some of the canned versions of this food from the vets until the dry version turned up , but that a side the rest of the service was very good, but it would be a very good idea if miscota had a easy to find email address so customers could contact then if they need to, it was very hard to find out how to get in touch with them on this site,, that is the reason i only gave them 4 stars,. Comes from Spain an does take wee bit longer than if buying in uk. Order in plenty of time. Recomended. This food is brilliant, fully hypo allergenic, big tins and at a cheap price. Excellent product, informative delivery service and (when I purchased 2 x 12kg bags) excellent value for money! The food seems to be keeping her well, and we got it at a great price, arrived quickly and was packaged really well. delivery as the 29th. Dispatched quickly but tracking wasn't very accurate and it was hard to work out when my order would arrive. good service, but unaware it was coming from overseas which delayed delivery. Good value. Their fulfilment was impeccable. The only warning I would give is that delivery took about a week so order in time before you run out as I did! Good efficient delivery. The product was as described and it arrived promptly, thank you for a good and reliable service. Never any tummy trouble, all thriving and full of life. Would recommen buying in bulk. Also her digestion is much better. Great company which always delivers on time and has great offers. Delivery a bit longer than expected but it was all very nicely packaged up in boxes. Either way, you can change the settings on your browser. After several years of experience in the industry, Miscota launches two new product ranges for dogs .A new range of Snacks and another of Beds and Mattresses for your pets to rest.. Products of quality and incredible prices; Products designed to give your dog the best welfare; Delicious recipes to make your dog happy; Variety of flavors and shapes to please everyone. For more information, please refer to our, Don´t miss out on promotions as good as these, Leave your e-mail address and we will keep you up to date. Great price too! Thanks Miscota! I have used the cat food before and both my cats love it. Easy for my westie to digest and has helped him live with chronic pancreatitis. But Royal Canin Hypoallergenic she loves from start! Your browser does not support Javascript. Right since its founding, Royal Canin has been committed to an approach leading to Health Nutrition, with a view to giving the most precise and adequate nutritional answers to the specific requirements of dogs and cats. Highly recommended, Good for Dalmatian that has had bladder stones, Dog has seen improvements in gastro track being on this, I have a Dalmatian with urine stones and this helps keep him healthy, My dog loves it and it is good for bones in the growing stage. The delivery was faster too so it was a win win. They are also delivered super fast. I can now say that I am was pleased I did not only cheaper but a fast delivery only 5 working days from ordering could not ask for more will certainly be ordering in the future. excellent product hence 5 stars. I'll do more orders and more than once! Parcel just turned up, tracking did not say parcel out for delivery. It arrived in perfect condition. Royal canin fibre response comes on handy trial size unlike any other pet food suppliers this means you can try before you buy the large expensive bags which incidentally are priced very much cheaper than anywhere else. Yes especially now my dog is getting older. I was greatly surprised when it arrived on the 25th. My Golden Retriever has a sensitive stomach, but with the Gastro Intestinal it is very stabil. Great price from Miscota. But, it arrived quickly via courier, and is the genuine article. We enjoy using Miscota in general. Very good dog food. Configure your pet now and get a 5% DISCOUNT on your next purchase. Arrived on said date. Great service, speed of delivery and easy order tracking system. Will order from Miscola again. I have 7 dogs 6 are on the Satiety Support they have lost weight but it does not happen over night. It smells wonderful and cleans impeccably. Good product - cheaper here than most. Both my cats love it, it lasts a long time because they don't need to eat very much daily and it really makes them "crunch" through the biscuits which is helping to keep their teeth and gums healthy. I can only propose this food for very sensitiv cats!!! V. Excellent service, product arrived exactly on time.When i ordered the shipping was free so that made it even better. For more information, please refer to our, Don´t miss out on promotions as good as these, Leave your e-mail address and we will keep you up to date. It really makes our cat calm, and she loves the taste. Will order from Miscola again. The MAUI VARIO PLUS neck strap made form easy-care mesh fabric makes going for a walk feel rather like a holiday on Hawaii. This item was purchased for a elderly friend her dog suffers with a skin allergy so this is the only product on the market she can have i will be ordering regularly from you in the future. The service was great and the price was even better. This together with plain chicken breast meat has enabled my dog to put the weight back on that he'd lost during his illness. Great product, helps reduce and maintain my 13 year old dog's weight. Purchased Giant Royal canine Dog food I'm very happy with this dog food, my dog looks fantastic, has a very shiny coat, and the large biscuits encourage her to chew properly rather than inhaling the food as she used to do. In future I will order well in advance before I actually run out. I recommend this pet supply company highly. My Yorkshire Terrier maintains a good healthy weight balance eating this product since a 1 year old puppy. Royal Canin is the only brand I've found that all my cats will eat consistently. Recently, one of them has developed Pancreatitis and on the recommendation of the vet, was changed to the low fat gastro-intestinal Royal Canin. Thank You very much!!!!! If you order well in advance, then it's no problem. Would highly recommend to others! The value for money at Miscosta was incredibly good, the only problem we had was that the package seemed to get lost somewhere along the way. The natural feed Braveness made with Chicken (65%) and Rice is a complete dry food for adult dogs of any breed and size. Excellent service and order delivered in a week. Brilliant product for my Bengal. Great prices and a fantastic service would highly recommend you to all my friends, will definitely be ordering again. The slow one is really sloooow ,& we're concerned about starving. Either way, you can change the settings on your browser. Excellent product, all our cats love it, not just the Maine Coons! , tried many other brands with no avail. Helped my chubby one lose weight! The only down side is that the delivery took nearly 2 weeks, and the tracking didn't work. Cheapest price I could find excellent service and delivery. I did alot of research on this item and getting it here was a very good deal. Had to order some more food from another source with next day delivery as we were running out of food. Nice complete Chihuahua Food. Product great, our dog loves it,has sorted his colitis and he has gained weight back up to optimum. Excellent value - with a discount it was the best price on the Internet. will defiantly be using again, Excellent service. With a turnover of €736 million in 2013, the company ranks today as the 8th largest animal health company worldwide. Will be using again. After paying the confirmation gave the approx. DO NOT order from this site. Great much cheaper than buying from my vets. price much cheaper than other online retailers, we also used free shipping and delivery was about 10 days. No need to pay extortionate vet prices! Best for Rottweiler September, also when checking the tracking of the dog food it was been dispatched from Barcelona. Works well with a small portion of dog meat and always enthusiastically clears the feed bowl right away. Very happy, and will be placing regular orders now to keep stocked up. Don't rely on Yodel tracking., Great product for mini sized dogs, serves its purpose as good as any. The delivery did take about a week but I always order well in advance before the bag is done will Definitly use miscota again. I recommend. This is the first time I have ordered from Miscota but I will be back,it is the cheapest Royal Canin Maine Coon food on the market and fast delivery times. Fibre response is the only brand that works for my cats. September for delivery. tracking was difficult to understand and could not contact miscota.. The only disadvantage is high price. Delivery took a while but it was free so can't complain. It is a product made with a proximity ingredients which are 100% natural and make it an incredibly fresh product. No response to email sent to Miscota . hopefully it helps my dog! !I'll do more orders and more than once! *They are unable to ship pet foods due to customs. Brilliant product recommended by vet. excellent product. Clear easy website ordering, well packet product delivered promptly and as advised. I ordered two 10kg bags and saved over £17 when compared to my usual supplier. Both cats seem to be happy and heathy. "The Animal Comes First" and "Knowledge and Respect" are the founding principles of the brand’s ethics and govern the development of every innovation. My Labrador looks healthy on it. Introduce us to your pet to offer you the best products. Just allow enough time for delivery in the UK. They have been very cheerful and their coats are beautiful. Configure your pet now and get a 5% DISCOUNT on your next purchase. He enjoys the feed and his poo isn't smelly as well. Great value and my dog loves it. Published by Sally Selling S. on 11/09/2015. This site uses our own and third pary owned cookies, in order to give you a personalized service. Perfect for my dog with pancreatitis and the others like it too! So since I buying this food. JBL exclusively sells its products through specialty stores. Big kibbles definitely contribute to gum health- could they be made as big as the Dental kibbles? Miles ahead of ANY supermarket food and works out cheaper. Excellent service, excellent communication, great price very easy to order, always arrives on time many thanks. I placed an order on Oct 7 and did not receive a shipping confirmation until Oct 20. Great product & great Miscota price! Would recommend to anyone. If you continue to navigate on our site, we consider you accept their use. Excellent pricing compared to my usual high street supplier. Introduce us to your pet to offer you the best products. Absolutely brilliant! Didn't really get to try this long term, but it didn't cause any LBM for my cat which is makes it promising. The free sample was good I didn't know that there were other similar products on the market so very well received and enjoyed by the moggies. Great site! Sorted her digestive problems out immediately. Excellent product for dogs with sensitive skin/allergic skin conditions. The price from Miscota is the best that I have found so far. Firmed up our 2 year old's motions & she seems much healthier as a result. Well done RC for creating a fab alternative to your other "gentle" foods. Had no health problems so far :). Please upgrade your browser or enable Javascript. I have never had problems with Miscota and found they are far far cheaper than the other online pet shops. Products Miscota. Fabulous price..nearly twenty pounds cheaper than vet price. Thanks for a great service. Delivery within the week and a good price. A week after that notification still nothing, so I tried to track my package and it turned out to be a fake tracking number! No begging for food, they all like it and no repeat infections! This kibble does not act like rocket fuel which, as anyone with large dogs and breakables can attest, is a very good thing! Same product the cats love but cheaper with easy, efficient delivery - what more could a customer want. Excellent product and great price, delivery was late, and therefore arrived whilst we were on holiday. It began with a bird cage and has reached the new pet generation. But the service we received was very good and the product price was excellent. No response to email sent to Miscota . Excellent price and delivered only one day after the estimated delivery date. Delivery took 8 days, delivered by Yodel, shame Yodel did not keep the tracking of the parcel up to date. Good diabetic food compare to other brand. Will be using again for sure. We always buy this food for our 7 year old boxer. Excellent product./excellent service/ food is perfect for 15mth Springer Spaniel. I have been buying from Miscota for some time, they have a vast selection of pet items, a lot that you can't buy in Australia, prices are reasonable, very reliable, tracking number provided, and fast shipping. Very fast delivery. Ordered in plenty of time to allow for delivery. My dog is fed Royal Canin gastro intestinal low fat food on recommendation by our vet, due to the fact our elderly dog had pancreatitis. Cats are very picky but this food never fails. Pretty soon it's a good and well packed!!!! However, once I notified the company the package was late it arrived within two days. The price from Miscota was the best I found, having trawled the internet. Much cheaper than from my local vet. The kittens who had this couldn't wait for more! Excellent price compared to other suppliers gave 3 to 5 days that being the 23rd. -Full Senses 2.0 and backwards compatibility. Great product - my black labrador dog is thriving on it. What our customers say. As for the price, this site is by far the best, delivery is good, so in my opinion if you haven't tried Royal Canin Digestive Comfort give it a go. So much cheaper than my vets. They are also delivered super fast. Been feeding on this for the past 4 yrs. Your browser does not support Javascript. Excellent service high quality very fast delivery goods arrived in perfect packaging. Her coat is so shiney and she looks the picture of health. Shipping to the UK does take longer than stated on website approx 10 days however lower price compensates for this. Second order and just as good as the first. Great price. I ordered a small bag locally in case it did not arrive within the given time frame. This was one of the changes and it is helping. In the end both shipments arrived on the same day, so could have saved the extra cost if the tracking information had been available. My cats love this food, won't eat anything else! Product arrived in the 7 days as promised. Our products are only available from specialised pet stores and are well distributed throughout the territory. Very happy to recommend. UK delivery within a week, great price and free shipping. I appreciate the fact that it does not contain bleach. The food I've used before and can agree with others that it is excellent. My cat has no more allergic reactions since i gave her this food. Would recommend to anyone who has a small dog sterilised, Perfect as always from a Royal Canin product - perfect sized bag for a medium sized dog, only if it was available in the uk. Delivered quickly and packaged well. My 7 year old Labrador has been on RC Satiety Support Canine for a couple of years and it does cost quite a lot. Thank you. Apart from that all was good and would use again. The discount is a great idea. And it is nowhere cheaper than here at miscota. Didn't expect that the delivery to the village house in Estonia from Spain can be so quick and with a reasonable price! But my dog throughly enjoys it. This is a great price and great service from the company. All in all a good deal. I also recommend the gastrointestinal produce unable to buy anywhere else the wet food my cat will not eat. Miscota has the best price so far I've found & will hopefully continue to use your company for this & other items, thanks! I rang yodel but only got answer phone. Published by on 26/10/2017 . takes too long to arrive-prefer to pay a little bit extra with anyone else as order arrives in a couple of days from supplier. For 40 years, Ferplast has been an undisputed international leader in the Pet Care sector. Have found your company is the most reasonable priced as he needs this regularly.. easy to order on your site & delivered straight to door no problems. ............. Really well balanced feed. Excellent price, would have preferred more accurate delivery. Perfect product and amazing service as normal. Bought Pedigree once , but my dog did not eat,so just this food he like. Arrived promptly. Not good when your dog is on a special diet. Will definitely use them again. excellent quality , very quick delivery and the price was a lot cheaper than other companies My dog absolutely loves this food, we tried several different brands before this and had to mess around adding things to it so that she would eat it, after swapping to Royal canin we no longer have that problem . My dog loves his food. .really good product ,good service cheaper than most sites.will be using them again.much better than paying vet prices. This is the best value service and range of product i have experienced over the internet ; I have ordered again and will carry on . Since we have had our Siberian Husky on this he has gained weight. my kitten has liver shunt ~ this food is perfect for him ! High quality food and very good value for money. Our black lab has lost half his target weight in just 2/12 and does not appear to be starving hungry all the time, unlike when we cut his regular food quantity. Their coats are smooth and silky too! high quality and very good product for cats that are pricky eater and ofc good for health! Thanks. Taking care of a dog is a great responsibility. Excellent 15kg royal canin fit 32 great value for money. Excellent product and very good value, good price. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.